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Our Weekly Meetings

We offer our members weekly meetings with various partners, who share their expertise in the specific field as training courses. These meetings enable our members to benefit from continuous learning and deepen their knowledge through presentations and exchanges with our partners. It's an opportunity for our members to learn on a regular basis and broaden their skills in their field of interest.



Wednesday March 13th, 2024

During March 13th, we welcomed two members of CMHC to HEC to explain the loan process for rental housing in Montreal. CMHC is a company that offers mortgage loan insurance for market housing and others, including: new buildings, refinancing... We discussed the different criteria to be eligible for the regular APH program as well as the APH select which allows for less down payment, but the building must have units that are: accessible, affordable and meet energy efficiency.

Groupe MACH 

Monday March 11th, 2024

During this meeting, we had the chance to visit Groupe MACH at their offices in the heart of downtown Montreal. We were welcomed by 5 members including Mr. Di Domenico, the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Training was given on the different stages to take into account during the development of a real estate project. Including types of loans, refinancing, legal affairs and urban planning tools (PPCMOI). It was noted that it is necessary to retain the power of negotiation during transactions and to recognize one's market well in order to expand.


Otéra Capital 

Monday March 4th, 2024

During the meeting on March 4, we were fortunate to be welcomed by six members of our loyal partner Otéra Capital. Complete training on the analysis of commercial real estate financing such as term loans, relay construction, etc. As well as risk management on the selection of these investments. For more information on the services offered by Otéra Capital, please visit their webpage.

Canora Capital

Monday February 12th, 2024

On February 12, Canora Capital lit up our classrooms at HEC Montréal with an inspiring presentation on rental housing for students. We dove into the world of impact investing, exploring how their funds aim to facilitate access to homeownership for Quebecers. An ambitious vision for a future where housing is more than a roof, but a springboard to new opportunities!


Avison Young

Monday January 15th, 2024

For the first meeting of the winter 2024 quarter, the Immo team went to the offices of our partner Avison Young. The company has several adjacent real estate services so that their clients' portfolio is under control. We toured their offices and also discussed their different corporate solutions e.g. consulting, transactional, legal services... The principles underlying real estate plans as well as the importance of data in brokerage.

BTB Reit

Monday November 27th, 2023

During our meeting, we attended the fourth and final presentation of the year from the real estate investment sector. The presentation focused on a fictitious client who needed advice from the investment team on how to maximize her total return. Topics covered included leverage, value creation and acquisition strategies. If you would like more information, please find it under the "Reports" tab.  We were also fortunate enough to have two BTB Reit employees present their backgrounds and shed light on certain financial terms. 

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Meeting with David Gélinas


Wednesday November 22th, 2023

During our meeting, we attended the third presentation of the year in the project development sector. The project development sector made its presentation to David Gélinas, HEC professor of real estate investment strategy and also a finance & investment consultant. Above all, he spoke about his experience and gave advice on considerations to take into account when developing a real estate project. If you want more details about the presentation, please find them under the "Reports" tab.


Monday November 20th, 2023

During our meeting with PMML, we attended the second presentation of the year for the consulting sector. The presentation focused on an analysis of the most interesting sectors in Quebec for investing in real estate as well as the fundamental notions to consider when making our choice. If you want more details on the presentation, please find them under our "Reports" tab. We also had the chance to have the founders of PMML, Patrice Ménard and Sanaa Benzacour, present their journey to us as well as the mission of their company.


ALT Agency 

Monday November 6th, 2023

During our meeting with the ALT agency, an agency specializing in real estate marketing, we attended the first presentation of the marketing sector. The presentation focused on the Safia Condos marketing process and certain topics such as the marketing budget, brand identity development and media content creation were discussed. For more details, please see the report and presentation slide under the Reports tab.


Monday October 2nd, 2023

While meeting with UTILE, a nonprofit focused on affordable student housing, we explored the challenges of the real estate industry. We discussed the steps to becoming a broker, managing complex real estate projects and the impact of city regulations. The need for political will to support affordable housing was highlighted, as well as the importance of integrity in the real estate industry, strengthening our understanding of the challenges facing the sector.



Monday September 25th, 2023

In our meeting with CMHC, we discussed Canada's housing crisis, characterized by a need for 3.5 to 4 million additional units and 230,000 homeless people. CMHC, a Crown corporation, helps Canadians purchase homes through 5% down payment programs. It manages government budgets and insures mortgages, thereby promoting housing affordability. The meeting also highlighted the importance of immigrants in the real estate market and the benefits of HPA for lenders.

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Monday September 18th, 2023

In a meeting with JLL, we explored property management, with a focus on finding quality clients, lease flexibility for tenants, and the essential role of real estate analysts. Differences between ownership types, such as REITs and pension funds, were also discussed. In summary, JLL's training provided us with an in-depth understanding of commercial real estate management.



Monday April 3rd, 2023

We completed training offered by BTB Reit on REIT-focused portfolio management. This training allowed us to understand the basic principles of portfolio management applied to REITs, as well as the differences between types of REITs and the legal and tax considerations related to these investments. In summary, this training gave us the knowledge necessary to effectively manage REIT portfolios.

Groupe MACH

Thursday March 30th, 2023

We have followed training provided by the MACH Group on sustainable and efficient management of real estate. This training allowed us to learn the key principles of sustainability-focused property management, including reducing the environmental footprint and optimizing resources. In short, this training provided us with the knowledge necessary to manage real estate responsibly and efficiently.



Monday March 26th, 2023

We followed training offered by Fabrik8 on flexible real estate trends. This training allowed us to understand developments in the sector and the advantages of flexible workspaces. In summary, we have gained a better understanding of flexible real estate and its opportunities in today's changing workplace environment.

Fond de solidarité Immobilier FTQ

Monday March 19th, 2023

We attended a training course given by the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ on real estate financial analysis. This training enabled us to deepen our understanding of financial analysis methods applied to the real estate sector. In short, we acquired the skills needed to assess the financial viability of a real estate project.


Ivanhoé Cambridge


Monday March 5th, 2023

We have completed in-depth training on international real estate investing provided by Ivanhoe Cambridge. This training gave us a better understanding of key aspects of real estate investing on a global scale, including regulations, risks and opportunities specific to each market. Thanks to concrete examples and case studies, we were able to apply our knowledge to real situations. This training provided us with the skills necessary to succeed in the field of international real estate investment.

Avison Young

Monday February 12th, 2023

We were fortunate to receive comprehensive capital markets training from Avison Young. This training allowed us to deepen our understanding of the process of marketing a real estate project, with an emphasis on financial aspects and communication. We were also able to apply this knowledge through concrete examples of real estate projects. In short, this training has better prepared us to meet the challenges of the real estate sector and to seize the opportunities offered by the capital markets.


Otéra Capital

Monday February 5th

We had the opportunity to attend a comprehensive training course on the analysis of different types of financing and the associated risk management, particularly with regard to Otéra's selection of investments. The training was structured to include both basic and advanced knowledge, to meet the needs of all ImmoHEC members, whether junior or senior. The experts who led the training were able to provide concrete examples and clear illustrations to facilitate understanding of the concepts presented.

ALT Agency

Monday January 29th, 2023

We had the chance to learn more about the complete process of marketing a real estate project, from market analysis to media placement, including branding and the website. Everything was illustrated by several real estate projects from different clients, which made the session more concrete and practical.

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